Rachel Zimmerman

Rachel has led brand positioning, marketing strategy, and market research projects for clients in the financial services (credit card, insurance, banking, investments), pharmaceutical, energy, technology, and hospitality industries.  Her areas of focus are development of consumer insights and marketing strategies that help organizations to understand, target, communicate with, and grow a new market or develop a new customer base.  Her consumer and market insights have helped companies to prioritize and develop strategies in key areas of growth and opportunity. Projects have included launching a new brand identity for a large insurance firm, strategy development and launch of a new payment product, and multiple market opportunity assessments and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

Rachel has a unique background, having worked both internally at corporations, and as an external consultant, so she understands how large, matrixed organizations work, and how to collaborate and lead multiple internal teams and agencies, while at the same time develop and execute strategic projects in a timely manner. She has held marketing strategy, product development and brand management roles at American Express and AOL.

Rachel holds a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan.

In her free time, Rachel loves to spend time with her energetic dog Toko (a Shiba Inu/Lab mix), play tennis, and head out to the Virginia countryside to hike and bike with family and friends.
Here’s a Pinterest collage of The Life of Toko. http://pinterest.com/zimzimzzz/the-life-of-toko/

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