What Makes Us Different?

The ZX Connect Difference – 7 Guiding Principles

  1. We are big-picture thinkers with an eye for the details:   we are nimble at developing a strategic vision while identifying all the details needed to execute a project/program.
  2. We bring best practices to everything we do: we have worked with a variety of companies, both internally and as consultants, as well as domestically and internationally.  This experience can help our clients increase the number of innovations and programs developed, shorten time to market, and improve productivity/efficiency.
  3. We believe in partnership:  if we need a tool, or to quickly understand something new, we have partners who are experts in their field that we can turn to for help and insight.  This enhances the quality of our work and deliverables.
  4. We focus in key growth areas:  our focus is on marketing and innovation, the two organizational areas that are crucial to company growth/results.
  5. We believe in efficiency:  We are adaptable, thorough and timely when completing projects.
  6. We are smart about dollars spent: We offer many of the skills and experience that larger firms do, but at more cost-effective rates.
  7. We are relationship-driven:  We are collaborative and focused on building long-term relationships with clients.

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